Top 20 Best Selling Accessories Automatic Irrigation Equipment (2021)

Rain Bird SW05-10PK spot watering emitter. 0.5 (1/2) GPH pressure compensating emitter ideal for watering root zones of plants, trees, and container plantings. 0.5 GPH (gallons per hour) emitters are ideal for supplemental watering of smaller plants in la ... more info

Product Information:The three station module for ESPControllers easily upgrades a 4station base model to 13 stations with the addition of this 3station hotswappable module at installation or in the future, which can be added without powering down the cont ... more info

The universal faucet adapter connects to all major brands of 1/2-inch and 5/8-inch distribution tubing. To connect, slide tubing over the insert and hand twist the outer nut to cinch the tubing in place. It鈥檚 design makes for fast and easy installation. ... more info

Pressure regulating filter for drip line applications. Ease of installation saves valuable time and money. ... more info

ULINK, a super flexible hose kink protector, eliminates your hose from kinking at the water source and will extend the life of a hose. It makes watering a breeze with its bend radius allowing the user to never face the battle of having to un-kink the hose ... more info

This little giant flex PVC tubing is great for repairs and routes pipes in hard to reach areas. The flexible pipe means fewer fittings required. Glues to standard PVC fittings for easy installation. ... more info

The Orbit Drip master 1/4 Barb Fittings assortment pack provides everything you need to add, repair, or replace 1/4 drip tubing. ... more info

聽 Relax and rejuvenate with the soothing sounds of the Bamboo Accents 12-in. Adjustable Spout and Pump Fountain Kit. Designed so you can adjust it to your individual needs, this elegant garden fountain can produce a fuller sound to drown out noise and min ... more info

This Italian-made connector enables to easily attach a hose to an indoor kitchen, laundry, bathroom faucet. The two brass adapter makes it suitable for taps with both male internal threads (0.84-inch diameter) and female external threads (0.95-inch diamet ... more info

Rain Bird RISERCO075 戮 x 6 cutoff riser for sprinkler installation. From The Manufacturer: This Rain Bird cutoff riser allows positioning sprinkler heads at heights needed to clear taller plantings. It can be easily cut to length with a hacksaw or pipe cu ... more info

Orbit Catch Cup with StakeView larger Get the Most out of Your Sprinkler System Water is a precious commodity and water shortages continue to be a topic of discussion year after year. But what most people don鈥檛 realize is that a large portion of their ... more info

The Orbit 5' Curb Key is designed to open and close meter and underground stop and waste valves. It is strong and durable, and at 5 feet long it can reach valves deep underground valves easily and conveniently. Orbit is dedicated to offering a full line ... more info

Use the Toro ECXTRA 2-Zone Timer Expansion Module to instantly add 2 extra zones to your ECx or ECXTRA timer. ... more info

This shutoff valve is designed to provide fingertip water control at the end of your garden hose. A simple quarter turn and the water is off, even when your hands are wet. Engineered to withstand higher water pressures than ordinary inexpensive plastic va ... more info

Economical watering system. Keep your plants watered when you aren't home. Fits most plastic water/soda bottles. Set of 10 plastic spikes. Blue color. ... more info

Rain Bird SWGCPLG 陆 barb x 陆 barb swing pipe couplings for sprinkler head installations, pack of 10. From The Manufacturer: The Rain Bird swing pipe system allows positioning underground sprinkler heads around hardscapes, terraces, plantings and uneven te ... more info

Little Giant Trough-O-Matic Float Valves automatically control the water level for most plastic and metal stock tanks, troughs, barrels and pans. The all-metal valve flows up to 245 gallons per hour and operates at pressure between 20 and 50 psi. Durable ... more info

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