Top 20 Best Selling A-B Boxes Signal Processors (2021)

Route one signal to two outputs or two inputs to one output. Choose A B or A & B combined. Unit requires a battery or 9V DC Power Supply for LED illumination, but all other functionality will work without. ... more info


The Selector Active A/B switcher box offers up the ultimate control over your instruments and your gear. You can alternate between channels A and B or select both. Send one guitar to two amps or use it the other way around to select between two guitars in ... more info

This keyboard sustain pedal is a great way to add extra expression to your keyboard performances. Constructed from thermoplastic ABS, this unit is equipped with rubber bottom grips to insure its always where you need it to be, never slipping. This unit is ... more info

Our Universal A/B/Both Box lets you run your Taylor T5™, Taylor acoustic, or any brand of electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or bass to two separate outputs. It's perfect for running a T5 into an electric amp and an acoustic amp. And, the A or B indicator ... more info

Rugged 2-way footswith for Ashdown Amplifiers ... more info

The MiBass Interface can connect the user's bass to their computer for direct recording, can be used to link to the Ashdown ABM app (available from Agile Partners) via iPad/iPhone etc, and can be used as a simple headphone amp for silent practicing. The I ... more info

Rugged 2-way footswith for Ashdown Amplifiers ... more info

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