Amazon Top 100 Best Selling Books of 1995

ndbreaking children's encyclopedia. Moody participated in the creation of Explorapedia, acting as confidant, sounding board, and scribe. Here he details what it takes to manage the exhilarating, frustrating, visionary and turbulent process of creating the ... more info

The author of Generation X and Life After God returns with a state-of-the-art novel of the nineties exploring the world of computer giant Microsoft and viewing it as a microcosm of modern society. 125,000 first printing. $120,000 ad/promo. ... more info

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions is a landmark in intellectual history which has attracted attention far beyond its own immediate field. It is written with a combination of depth and clarity that make it an almost unbroken series of aphorisms. Its ... more info

Destined to become a classic in American history and biography, David Herbert Donald鈥檚 Lincoln is a masterly account of how one man鈥檚 extraordinary political acumen steered the Union to victory in the Civil War, and of how his soaring rhetoric gave meanin ... more info

An introduction to Web applets written in Java, an object-oriented programming language designed for WWW use. This guide demonstrates how to use a variety of Java applets in Web pages, along with the rudiments of coding a Java applet. ... more info

Arguably the greatest science fiction writer who ever lived, Isaac Asimov also possessed one of the most brilliant and original minds of our time. His accessible style and far-reaching interests in subjects ranging from science to humor to history earned ... more info

Open this wordless book and take off on a mindbending visual journey full of twists, turns, and surprises. Zoom from an Egyptian pyramid to an exotic jungle to a sandy beach. But if you think you know where you are, guess again. For in Istvan Banyai's mys ... more info

You've tried everything. Warm milk. Bedtime stories. Sharing your bed. But your child still has problems falling asleep. Dr. Richard Ferber can help. Director of the Sleep Laboratory and Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders at Children's Hospital in Bost ... more info

Dilbert by Scott Adams is the most photocopied, pinned-up, downloaded, faxed and e-mailed comic strip in the world. Dubbed the cartoon hero of the workplace by The San Francisco Examiner, Dilbert has been syndicated since 1989 and now appears in 2,000 new ... more info

This work is a comprehensive introduction to a new type of city, a largely invisible but increasingly important system of virtual spaces interconnected by the emerging information superhighway. William Mitchell makes extensive use of concrete, practical e ... more info

This is the authoritative guide to the hottest new UNIX utility in years, coauthored by its creator, Larry Wall. Perl is a language for easily manipulating text, files, and processes. Perl provides a more concise and readable way to do many jobs that were ... more info

David Brinkley, icon of the American airwaves, has written his autobiography, a classic American story which overlaps with some of the great events and important personages of the era. From playing poker with Truman to riding the rails with Churchill to w ... more info

鈥淢y favorite historical novel . . . a superb re-creation of the Battle of Gettysburg, but its real importance is its insight into what the war was about, and what it meant.鈥濃擩ames M. McPherson 聽 In the four most bloody and courageous days of our nation鈥檚 ... more info

Jim Fobel's Big Flavors is the big (more than 500 recipes and variations), exuberant result of award-winning author Jim Fobel's lifelong search for flavors that are bold, complex, aromatic, assertive, and always tantalizing. Every recipe is clearly presen ... more info

Peopleware : Productive Projects and Teams ... more info

Sowell presents a devastating critique of the mind-set behind the failed social policies of the past thirty years. Sowell sees what has happened during that time not as a series of isolated mistakes but as a logical consequence of a tainted vision whose d ... more info

The beloved, Emmy Award-winning CBS-TV personality and author of A Life on the Road presents a warm, engaging new book of travels in search of quintessentially American people and places--twelve destinations in all. ... more info

When a man who calls himself General Fertig sets himself up as a guerilla leader to harass the Japanese, Marine lieutenant Ken McCoy heads a mission behind enemy lines in order to discern which of the stories about Fertig are true. ... more info

This witty and candid guide cuts through the jargon, hype, and visionary mumbo-jumbo to explain in realistic, down-to-earth terms exactly what the newest computers, software, and communications devices can--and cannot--do for the average, intelligent non- ... more info

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